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The Trusted Company for Direct Funding

Merchant Refi is best known for direct funder specializing in fast working capital for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers term loans and equipment leasing. It has easy payback options using credit-card processing splits and daily, weekly or monthly payment options for businesses that do not process credit cards. Its premium programs include traditional bank loan products. If a business can qualify they can get as low as 9% over a five-year term. What’s great about Merchant Refi is that their cash advance product does not require any collateral or incur interest which is unlike regular loans. And that can happen since the advance is automatically paid for by taking a small percentage of your credit card transactions or by a fixed ACH debited to your bank account until it is fully paid. Visit to know more about Traditional banking business loans.

Merchant Refi recognized that any type of business has financial obligations and it has a merchant advance program that can help. This advance can be used for anything related to your business i.e. real estate, taxes, payroll and more. You can get it as soon as you’re approved. Their merchant cash advance company doesn’t require it’s a client to put down any collateral making the whole process a lot easier and less stressful. The team will simply help any type of business to leverage their future sales in order to give you the money you need now. Its process is simply easy, it starts with filling out of their form to start the qualification process. Then one of our agents will review your application and get you the best rate available. Once you get approved, get working capital for business and earn about 10,000 bonus award miles. Funding amount can range from $10000 and one million dollars, with terms ranging from six to 18 months. It is simply the only direct funder to offer bonus United MileagePlus award miles along with fast working capital.

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