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Australia's trusted online patient medical survey software

We are a connected healthcare solution. The proven online medical surveys for patients trusted by hospitals, healthcare staff, and day surgeries all across Australia. Led by a passionate team with deep expertise in nursing, medicine, software development, and business, Australia's leading hospital rostering and on-call management software for doctors has been operating for 15 years and counting. 

Their solutions are designed to help all their clients. They optimize rosters and operating rooms, improve staff communication, manage events and critical tasks effectively, and lets people store and share documents. They also reduce costs while increasing revenues. The system implements simple and rapid deployment. Experience secure storage and backup with no training required.

Management software that lets doctors and administrators quickly and easily develop, publish and maintain clinical and on-call rosters, events and leave in every Australian hospital environment. Today, HosPortal has grown to expand over 4,000 users at 30 public and private hospitals.


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